The Allwood Team

Allwood Architectural Joinery Gerry Colour

Gerard Magee
Managing Director

Allwood Architectural Joinery Connor Colour

Connor Magee
Operations Director & Estimator

Allwood Architectural Joinery Maggie Colour

Margaret Magee
Accounts Manager

Allwood Architectural Joinery Carrie Colour

Carrie Magee
Purchasing Manager

Allwood   Architectural Joinery   Max Watson

Max Watson
Senior Project Manager

Allwood   Architectural Joinery   Paul Dunne

Paul Dunne
Site Co-ordinator

Allwood   Architectural Joinery   Ian Cole

Ian Cole
Machining Supervisor

Allwood   Architectural Joinery   John Curry

John Curry
Project Manager

Allwood   Architectural Joinery   Aaron Mc Dermott

Aaron Mc Dermott
Project Co-ordinator

Allwood Architectural Joinery | Rory Craddock

Rory Craddock
Project Co-ordinator

Company Overview

Allwood Architectural Joinery is a family run company of forty close-knit highly skilled craftsmen established in 1997, specialising in the design and manufacture of specialised joinery for hotels & bars and commercial fit outs. We create our designs to suit the projects of our clients and also work alongside architects making their complex designs a reality both visually and structurally. We also create individual bespoke furniture and architecturally designed pieces.

Our materials and workmanship are always of the highest quality with attention to detail being our number one priority, this is what makes us stand out to the rest and has been the key to our success throughout the years.

We respect the traditional crafts of woodworking and our training in these arts allows us to bring some forgotten designs to life. We work very closely with our clients to understand and meet their needs so the end result is both visually and functionally what they had imagined and more.

Allwood is a self-sufficient eco-friendly company with all of our resources used efficiently and effectively, our 2,400 Sq. m. state of the art facility is heated solely from all the waste particles and off cuts from our manufacturing process. Every year new implications are put in place to help us improve our environmental friendly identity, keeping up with any new EU laws and making sure we are always doing the best we can to sustain a healthy relationship with our environment.

All our staff are multi-skilled, highly experienced and adaptable across the whole field of our design, manufacture and fitting processes so that our high standard of quality and attention to detail is always a given.

We invest heavily every year in state of the art modern machinery such as 5 axis and 3 axis CNC’s capable of turning out the most intricate pieces of joinery and keeping up to date with the ever improving software’s to keep up with the demand for our joinery and being able to take on demanding projects with tight programs but not forgetting to stay true to our roots and the art of woodworking.

We have also recently finished developing a complete project management software with an American based company, one of its kind in Ireland tailored directly to suit our industry and processes, meaning handling large contracts is now much easier and gives us much more control and efficiency when we have many projects running through our floor.

At Allwood we are always willing to learn and improve to make sure our projects are delivered with our trademark quality on time, every time!

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