Allwood Architectural Joinery Portlaoise Boardroom Revamp

Allwood Architectural Joinery Portlaoise Boardroom Revamp
Allwood Architectural Joinery Portlaoise Boardroom Revamp edited resized 2

In early 2020 we made a decision to create a boardroom at Allwood Headquarters that was functional and comfortable but also incorporated the stylish design and quality craftsmanship our company has become famous for.

Initially designed by our MD Gerry, the plans were worked on by various members of our drawing team progressing from initial sketches to fully formed designs using our top-of-the-range IMOS design software.

Choosing our materials was easy, we chose the best! Allwood has been working with Hi Macs for a number of years and their Alpine White Ultra-Thermoforming material was just what we needed to combine the functionality and design we envisaged. Hi Macs materials are durable and strong so will stand up to the daily use of a busy boardroom, they come in an endless range of colours and finishes and provide a very stylish sheen. The ability to seamlessly join the material also means we can create large pieces of any dimensions or shapes thanks to our 5 axis Homag machine and expert craftsmen in our workshop.

The design includes a striking wall shelf which is both useful and a work of art, the backlit inlay of the doors in the kitchen cupboard is another example of how impressive design can be incorporated into day-to-day features in any space. The boardroom table is utterly unique, with oversized rounded edges, polished white surface, and timber stand. Another lovely feature is the “jigsaw table” drawn by project co-ordinator Aaron and constructed by Senior Cabinet Maker Paul.

The vertical rotating window louvers in American White Oak Veneer are another functional but stylish addition providing shade and sound deflection as well as a classy finish to the expansive window.

A creative space leads to creative ideas!

Many clients will decide they want a focal point in their workspace that brings a WOW factor to your business headquarters. Allwood can work with your Architect or Design Team to bring this to life and can offer a range of examples of our work to give you some ideas too.

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